Mix & Match

Char Saint

Mixing and matching your neutrals can have an effective one-two punch when styles properly. My suggestion is to aim for combining neutrals in the same color family for a successful look (i.e. creams and whites or camels and browns).

Style Tip 102: Thee Cashmere Sweater

Char Saint

How many of y’all know that a cashmere sweater can work wonders in and around any wardrobe?

Did you know that it can be dressed up or down? Did you also know that it’s the 2nd staple in the building blocks for a winning wardrobe?

Nah? Damn.. Well Char is here with the 4-1-1 on how to flex the best in your call to cashmere. Opt to partner the drapery cashmere sweater with slacks/distressed denim paired with ultra-sexy stilettos or a pair of magnificent mules.

Show some wardrobe loyalty though, because you never know, last season may be this season too.

What are Your Building Blocks for A Winning Wardrobe?

Char Saint

I’ve curated a quick guide to a winning wardrobe and the building blocks are as simple as 1,2,3.

Over the next few days, I’ll provide what I believe to be key essentials that’ll serve as building blocks for an A1 wardrobe.

The thing is, (as I’m sure I’m said before) we wear about 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. That means that 80% of what we bought & currently own is collecting dust because we only sport them 20% of the time.

However, today, it the time to switch things up in your closet and start towards building a winning wardrobe with key players. There’s more to come from Char Saint’s style sessions.

Wardrobe Building Blocks with Char Saint

Char Saint

An all white outfit worn from head-to-toe is not only elegant as fu*k, but the look screams money. (Cue Cardi B’s Money). With Six-figure ambition for 2019, I may as well flex the wardrobe to match.