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On Bad Gal Riri, as well as Bardi B!

Random thought of the day. There are two artists that I’m literally waiting on for new music. That would be Rihanna and Cardi B. These two dope, phenomenal a$$ women have brought a different swag to the industry that is incomparable.

I know for a fact I can’t be the only one patiently waiting.

Rihanna’s Influential Instagram

Char Saint

The rise of social media has supercharged the “influence” economy. While her entrepreneurism is impressive, Rihanna’s star power is also part of the package that landed her the barrier breaking deal and title as the first black woman to partner with French conglomerate LVMH. She has over 71.1 million followers on Instagram and the direct connection she with her fans allowed them to see her crowned “Most marketable celebrity” in 2016.

While selling product through celebrity is nothing new, brands have recognized the power of influencers to create meaningful dialogue with their communities aka followers, particularly the all-important millennial generation.

If that scoop isn’t interesting enough, the NPD Group conducted research and found that Rihanna’s followers would be 3.7 times more likely to buy something seen on her account than that of other celebrities. So yes folks “clout” is a real thing albeit good or bad. Crown her queen.

Rihanna, Fenty Maison & LVMH: Part II

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Officially and historically it took 32 years for LVMH to launch another luxury brand from scratch. Let’s take it back to 1987 where Christian Lacroix (French fashion designer) was the first, and last fashion brand launched from a fetus stage by LVMH. Now fast forward to present day, 2019,9 32 years later, and we have FENTY Maison.

The official name of the company that owns FENTY Maison is Project Loud France. The title of the venture Project Loud France was named in honor of the singer’s fifth album, Loud – and it has around €60m (£50m) worth of investment split between Rihanna and the conglomerate, which also owns Louis Vuitton, Celine and Christian Dior. Rihanna has 49.99% stake as a shareholder via her company Denim UK Holdings.

The beauty of it all is that Riri contributed something bigger than money, she gave her time. €30 million to be exact. According to Business of Fashion, it’s more than just Rihanna’s time at stake. It’s also her name, as well as what she represents as a whole. Anyone think €30 million is a whole f’in lot?!? 🙋‍♀️🏾

Rihanna in Y/Project (IV)

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This bad gal needs no introduction be it her name or resume. She is the Queen of the Navy and there’s no telling where the Fenty Corp. will strike next. All we know for now is that Rihanna is still a style slayer! Here she is landing in thee number four spot flexing in a Y/Project piece.

Xoxo, my stylistic saint & sinners!

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