Chanel’s “3.55” In-Store Podcast

Char Saint

In 2017, Chanel debuted its “3.55 podcast in-store at the famed Paris retailer Colette hosted by the journalist DaphnĂ© HĂ©zard as a celebration of the store’s final days before it closed that December.

The first iteration of the show donned conversations with amigos de la casa like Pharrell Williams and since then, “3.55” has featured series like “Handbag Stories” (anecdotes from assorted Chanel bag lovers like model Soo Joo Park) and, most recently, “Chanel at the Opera” (conversations on creativity with choreographers, dancers and actors).

My thing is if a major fashion house and luxury brand such as Chanel is now both embracing and adopting digital marketing moves, shouldn’t we be as well?

Would You Podcast your Brand?

Char Saint

According to Edison Research in 2018, 48 million people in the United States alone tuned in to podcasts each week, a number that’s up six million from 2017 evidence that the audience, though still small for many branded podcasts, has potential to grow.

It’s possible that this format allows a fashion brand to reach a much broader audience, both in-store and on a national level but the Podcasts seem to tell a longer and more intimate story and so long as your host has the ability to connect with listeners on a very personal level, success is inevitable.

Posh Podcasting with Fashion

Char Saint

So apparently despite their non-visual nature and limited reach, podcasts are becoming a popular communications tool for fashion companies.

Longform audio does in fact serve as another platform, like video before it, for fashion brands to speak directly to their most loyal fans, customers and clientele, offering what’s positioned or wrapped up as an authentic glimpse behind-the-scenes. 

Word on the street is that Saks in NYC recently joined a wave of fashion and beauty companies that are now turning to podcasts working to prove their selves in the digital age. Saks’ new beauty floor now has everything you might expect from a high-end emporium including a podcast in residence.