Would You Podcast your Brand?

Char Saint

According to Edison Research in 2018, 48 million people in the United States alone tuned in to podcasts each week, a number that’s up six million from 2017 evidence that the audience, though still small for many branded podcasts, has potential to grow.

It’s possible that this format allows a fashion brand to reach a much broader audience, both in-store and on a national level but the Podcasts seem to tell a longer and more intimate story and so long as your host has the ability to connect with listeners on a very personal level, success is inevitable.

All Black Everything with Marlo Hampton

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Atlanta Housewives, Marlo Hampton has recently been supporting my theory that Black on Black is a must for 2019! From a noir top produced by The Ivy Showroom in Atlanta Georgia to a Cushnie noir bottom created by Carly Cushnie in New York, the odds are clear: Bet on Black.