Is Money Wealth?

Char Saint

According to editor-in-chief Steve Forbes the answer is no.

“Printing a bunch of dollar bills doesn’t in and of itself create wealth. It merely means you can use those pieces of paper to purchase a product that someone else has created. The seller accepts that piece of paper because he or she can use them to buy whatever he or she may want, that is, a product or service someone has created. . . In effect, money is a receipt for the value of goods and services we produce and may wish to sell.” ~Steve Forbes

How’s Your Social Media Game?

Char Saint

As of lately, social media has grown to be more like a platform for entrepreneurship and less like a stage for tools & fu*k boys & girls alike.

The million dollar question is, how are you using social media?!?

Forbes says “Yea to African Art”

Char Saint

Yesssssss!!!! So Forbes gave expert advice on luxe investments and African Art was on that list.

Featured was the South African photographer, Zanele Muholi and her transition from small to big. Small being local galleries and now she’s on to bigger and better with features in institutions such as Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art Africa.

Currently, the artist’s work is auctioned at a mere $15k, but the investment is in the buying of right now. The visual artist is activist very well known for choosing to focus on documenting human beings, as depicted below.