Chanel’s “3.55” In-Store Podcast

Char Saint

In 2017, Chanel debuted its “3.55 podcast in-store at the famed Paris retailer Colette hosted by the journalist Daphné Hézard as a celebration of the store’s final days before it closed that December.

The first iteration of the show donned conversations with amigos de la casa like Pharrell Williams and since then, “3.55” has featured series like “Handbag Stories” (anecdotes from assorted Chanel bag lovers like model Soo Joo Park) and, most recently, “Chanel at the Opera” (conversations on creativity with choreographers, dancers and actors).

My thing is if a major fashion house and luxury brand such as Chanel is now both embracing and adopting digital marketing moves, shouldn’t we be as well?

Luxe Looks with Char Saint feat. Olori Swank

Char Saint

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like one. Opt for quality over quantity when it comes to shoes and bags. But if you can splurge as here with Olori Swank, then by all means. Either way, the end goal is to look like big bucks to feel like big bucks. FYI, opt for sharp, professional purses in rich shades like red, white or black.