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On Bad Gal Riri, as well as Bardi B!

Random thought of the day. There are two artists that I’m literally waiting on for new music. That would be Rihanna and Cardi B. These two dope, phenomenal a$$ women have brought a different swag to the industry that is incomparable.

I know for a fact I can’t be the only one patiently waiting.

What’s Cardi B’s Real Nationality?

Char Saint

CharSaint.com has said it before and now we’re saying it again, with the help of Brother Hardbody God regarding Cardi B’s riding of the Afrikan American culture.

According to the facts and @thahardbodygod, Cardi’s father is a Dominican of European descent, and her mom, yeah a Trinidadian also of European descent. So when you add up all of the facts, Dominican and Trinidadian both of European descent, the final question is when and where did she become what she’s pretending to be, an Afrikan American woman?

Is Cardi B “Black”?

Char Saint

It’s the first of the month and the CFDA (per usual) emailed its subscribers their weekly CFDA Newsletter. What’s different about this newsletter isn’t the subtitle: Honoring Black Forces in Fashion, (although referring to our race as a color is ignorant and politically incorrect) but the fact that rapper Cardi B somehow ended up on that “black” list.

The newsletter starts by acknowledging African Americans who’ve made their marks in the fashion industry and among the notable forces were Michelle Obama (yessss 1st lady), Naomi Campbell (do the Naomi Campbell walk *Beyonce voice*), Kerby Jean-Raymond (Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent, dope!) June Ambrose (Jay-Z’s go-to guru, litty), Jason Rembert (official) and the list of excellence was on a roll and then…

Cardi B (wait what)… 🤨

According to the Bronx native, she is a Dominican woman. She may like African American men, she may even be obsessed with the African American culture, but what makes her an African American? The d*ck she gets from her African American husband, rapper Offset?

This isn’t my first post about culture vultures and I’m beginning to realize it’s all tied into systematic racism.

Honestly though, I think Cardi B made the CFDA’s list for one of two reasons, if not both. Reason number one, she’s succeeding in her role as a culture vulture and/or reason number two, European whites think anything other than European white is “black”…

WTF is being black anyway?!? Isn’t black a fucking color in the dictionary? My answer seems accurate according to Wikipedia.