I was always in the lead. Where you wanna be, I’m who they wanna be. B-E-A-U-T-Y, he never seen so much rage from a queen. Rage from a queen, queen so strong, thought she was a machine. Girl of your dreams, Sinclair regime. Turned to the max, can’t forget Maxine. Refer to me as a goddess, I’m tired of being modest. A hundred degrees, the hottest, if we being honest. Ebony and ebonics, black people win.

Char Saint

Beyoncé & Marni Senofonte

Char Saint

Char Saint, Beyoncé, Marni Senofonte. I want my name mentioned among the greats because that’s exactly what I am: GREAT!

From massive fashion statements to the Lemonade film via Mrs. Carter aka Beyoncé, Marni Senofonte has created not only the Uber impressive styles in the Lemonade film, but also for the entire tour.

If that doesn’t suffice, the statement maker aka Marni Senofonte was featured on Season 17, Episode 3 of thee Project Runway. Aside from lending her expertise advice to the contestants, she also provide ample valuable information that resonates with creatives across the globe 🌎.

B E Y O N C E (I)

Char Saint Thee Stylist

She needs no introductions and it should be no surprise that Beyoncé Knowles Carter is thee Best landing the number one spot. Happy New Year.

Xoxo, my stylistic saint & sinners!

The luxuriantly stylish,

Char “Thee Style Alchemist” Saint