2021: 5 of 365

Char Saint

I said what I said. 💅🏾

2021: 1 of 365

Char Saint

Remember this: bliss comes when Awareness remains permanently in the foreground, and the mind is delegated to its rightful place in the background.

Thee One Rule for 2021

Char Saint

As we close out a hectic, memorable, yet eye-opening year called 2020, I’m reminded of thee most important lesson I learned this year which created thee one rule to put me in a winning position.

Thee lesson: gratitude is the starting point.

Thee rule: 20% of my actions make up 80% of my results. Maximize the 20%.

Happy New Year. 🥂✨❤️ ~Char Saint

Thee Plan

Char Saint

I started planning for 2021 before 2020 hit its final quarter. With that being said, I want you all to tell someone your plans and goals for the New Year ✨ and have them hold out accountable.

The Time of Day Matters

Char Saint

Did you know that there are times of the day/week when we’re most productive? Opt to block off that time for your highest priorities.