My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite (Part I)

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Nigerian author Oyinkan Braithwaite debuted her novel titled My Sister, The Serial Killer November 20, 2018 and it is my first read for 2019! From a woman helping her sister dispose of the body of her murdered boyfriend to her claim of self-defense, this part satire, part love triangle, and part gruesome mystery, stay tuned for my #RawReview!

Lace Me Out

Char Saint Thee Stylist

These lace frontals are getting more fab by the minute and the authentic style, well let’s just say it’s label galore. From brands like RTA, and Tom Ford to Giuseppe Zanotti and Helmut Lang, raw fashion is here at its best! More Marlo with her love for labels, please.

Black By Popular Demand

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Lil Mama aka Niatia Jessica Kirkland, is rapper, actress and television personality from Brooklyn, New York. But as of lately, her style palette has been morphed into something of a glow up. Ready to show up at a door unannounced? Think I’ve found the perfect replacement for the timeless trench in this case, and it’s Uber incognito. Here’s Lil Mama in Fashion Nova.

2018 in a Nutshell

Char Saint Thee Stylist

As we cruise mode in to day eight and week two of 2019, it’s a great idea to look back to see how far you’ve come. Attitude of gratitude is by far the best way to exude such gratitude. So, here’s to the glow up of 2018, and a bigger salute to the level up of 2019!

Brittany Benton in House of CB

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Ingram model and fashion designer, Brittany Benton flexed on IG in a red leather Georgia dress from British luxury label House of CB and patent leather boots from Parisian shoe designer Alexnadre Vauthier. Flex on pretty brown, brown!

Black and White, Plus Billionaires – Diddy, Jay-Z, Nas

Char Saint Thee Stylist

What’s better than a black man? A black man in a tuxedo. What’s better than a black man in a tuxedo? A black millionaire. What can get better than a black man that’s a millionaire? A fucking billionaire!

Featured below are three Kings and Legends in their own rights. Did anyone say Black Excellence ?

An All-White OutFit with Tracee Ellis Ross

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Wear your whites (in Tracee Ellis Ross’ case, sequined whites) from head to toe for elegant look this new year. It totally screams “Money Moves”.

One request however, pretty please, leave the “dad” sneaker trend locked up in closets for safe keeps. You’ll thank me later. Here’s Ms. Ross in a two-piece Carolina Herrera sequin suit. Feeling godly are we Tracee?

All Black Everything with Marlo Hampton

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Atlanta Housewives, Marlo Hampton has recently been supporting my theory that Black on Black is a must for 2019! From a noir top produced by The Ivy Showroom in Atlanta Georgia to a Cushnie noir bottom created by Carly Cushnie in New York, the odds are clear: Bet on Black.

Black Magic with Kahlana Barfield

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Kahlana Barfield in patent leather head-to-toe, featuring a Rosetta Getty fit complete with a hooded parka and pencil pants done up with Azzedine Alaïa sky high booties. Black Magic anyone?

Happy New Year

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Cheers! Here’s thee 1st year of fashion and entertainment and many more to come. I’m looking forward to creating a New Year of boundary-pushing style, elevated shopping, reinvented fashion like no other. From, straight to you and your closet. Feliz ano nuevo!

Xoxo, my stylistic saints & sinners!

The luxuriantly stylish,

Char “Thee Style Alchemist” Saint