A Black Lady Sketch Show

Char Saint

Two words: Fucking hilarious!! At first I was like wait… WTF?!?! But then I let it continue and now I can’t stop laughing!! It’s pretty amazing to have the one and only Angela Bassett featured in your very first episode. Followed by the talented Kelly Rowland! This month HBO featured a series of must-watch shows and movies made by and starring “Black” artists.

I learned of HBO’s new hit comedy series however, in Cosmopolitan’s June 2020 issue thanks to Issa Rae. And to be very fucking frank, I ONLY purchased the magazine because Issa Rae’s phenomenal a$$ graced their cover. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #SorryNotSorry

Comedian/actor/writer Robin Thede created and stars in A Black Lady Sketch Show. The half-hour sketch comedy series features the creator, Quinta Bruson, Ashley Nicole Black and Gabrielle Dennis. The Black Lady Sketch portrays an array of dynamic and varied characters and I’d be lying if I didn’t say Robin Thede maybe went a step too far with the hyper-versions of themselves in interstitial. But whatever, it series (two episodes in) featured a group of friends stuck in the house after an apocalypse (sounding familiar?!?).

Now back to Issa though! The show is produced by her production company called Issa Rae Productions. The article was a great read and comes highly recommended so pick up the June 2020 issue and enjoy Issa’s interview conducted by Ira Madison III which starts on page 70. Happy reading and watching folks.

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