People of Color

Char Saint

Honestly, what the fuck does that even mean? People of color. 🤔 I’m thrown for a loop every time I hear the ridiculous term. I was literally going about my millionaire morning routine and while reading an article in Forbes’ Entrepreneur magazine, I came across the term which is the topic of discussion.

Lol, if you’re thinking wtf is Char talking about?!? Well here’s a quick synopsis: the article (lol) is from the May 2020 issue of Forbes’ Entrepreneur magazine located in the Big Idea section starting on page 24 titled “Could You Use an Apprentice?”. I’m however, specifically referring to page 27, the second column, second paragraph, last sentence.

The article truthfully discussed how majority of public-private apprenticeship programs formed have been around the goal of increasing diversity in all kinds of higher-skilled jobs. The article then goes on to mention a specific program in San Francisco and how it focuses on “women and people of color.”

Just let that statement marinate for approximately sixty seconds. . .Doesn’t it sound stupid AF?!? Like technically aren’t we ALL people of color? Even Caucasians are people of “color”. I’m pretty sure the PC term is called melanin (a group of natural pigments found in most organisms). Like what the actual fuck?!?

At the end of the day how superior or inferior is any human being if we all eat, 💩, and bleed the same? Next time you as a human being deliberately make the decision to treat another human being less than – try removing his/her “color” and let me know if the outcome turns out the same.

~An African Woman

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