Talk to Me Tuesday

Char Saint

We get out of life exactly what we put into it. Some come to a point in life where all they want for themselves are good things. Regardless of the form of good albeit business, friendships, relationships, spiritually, emotionally and/or mentally the want is consistent across the board.

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately “what do you really want Char?” I want great.

In the words of the great J. Cole as recited in G.O.M.D. “Fu*k good, we demand great!”

Money 💰 Monday: How to Buy a Stock

Char Saint

1. Read books about stocks or follow courses.

2. Research your local broker and check his/her google reviews.

3. Apply for an account with your new broker.

4. Deposit your long-term funds into your new account.

5. Analyze the stocks of your choosing.

6. Decide how many shares you want to buy and at what price.

7. Purchase your shares.

8. Viola. Congratulations! 🍾 You’re an investor!

**Review your new portfolio on a monthly basis.**

Millionaire Mornings

Char Saint

It has come to my attention that wealthy folks have a mindset. That mindset, as I’ve come to learn, is multilayered. Those layers consists principally of healthy habits. Habits that the wealthy (overtime) have come to master.

That’s where I’m heading in 2020. For the past week and a half, I’ve been consistent with my millionaire mornings and I have no intentions on stopping any time soon. Stay tuned as I document the road to my first million.

Spring 2020: Style Report Part II

Char Saint

From light neutrals to moody hues button up tailored coordinates in a range of simple but sexy silhouettes are the perfect options to suit up in style.