Consistency is Key

Char Saint

I’ve officially completed two consistent weeks at the gym with only Saturdays off. I must say the struggle to get there before 6 a.m. was fucking real however, inside I want this so naturally, outside it’s going to show.

I’m making it my business to set my self up for real success. Stay tuned.

Losing Kobe, Gaining Gratitude

Char Saint

The losses of Kobe & Gianna Bryant has affected millions of people. My post is about my lustful feelings for Kobe Bryant and the experiences I had the few times we kicked eyes back in December of 2010 at the Prudential Center.

LA Lakers versus NJ Nets! Of course, the LA Lakers won the game closing out at 99 to 92 and Kobe dropped 32 of those points. The ease with which he moved up and down the court was such a turn on but also captivating… His long strides, his powerful charges, oh God and his effortless layups. It was almost as if he zoned out with every point, rebound and assist.

Seeing Kobe Bryant play with that gold and purple jersey on has been a wish of mine and now that he’s passed on, I’m super grateful to have had the chance to experience the moment. From #8 to #24, Kobe you were always that dude!

Forever and always,

Char Saint, your fan.