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Love So Deep

Char Saint

Queen & Slim has left me thinking immensely about real love. How uncomplicated it really is. How it’s at its best when it’s all simple. How untainted and unblemished it really is. That’s love.

Of course however, nothing about Queen & Slim’s journey really was “simple”. But, when they fell in love, at that perfect moment, it was pure simplicity. It was surreal in its form. It was raw. It was authentic. It’s exactly a moment that I would undoubtedly want to recount and relive over, and over again.

I truly and wholeheartedly believe in the simplicity of love. I find that assuming formlessness allows me to just be in the moment. Like being in love, if you’re living in the moment (not in yesterday and not for tomorrow) life is prettier.

Love shouldn’t be questioned. The heart shouldn’t be questioned. The physical love they encountered came after they manifested the mental love. Isn’t that the natural order of things or have we complicated that as well?

The Garment District Tour w/ Lenese Calleea

Char Saint

I had the pleasure of meeting with Lenese Calleea during her monthly garment district tour and this woman is even more phenomenal in person.

Just a quick background on Lenese: she’s the creator and owner of the Black n Fashion podcast, as well as the founder and owner of LC Apparel Consulting, and lastly she’s the creator of Calleea’Vatein. Her boss moves don’t go unnoticed because she recently hosted The Fashion 500 event and that’s big, big deal ESPECIALLY because they celebrated their 10th year anniversary in the industry.

Now back to Ms. Calleea honey. Let’s recount the day: it’s great weather day in the city, meeting point is West 38th Street and I walk up to Lenese already waving her hands and giggling away as she begins promptly at 2:30pm to check us all in. She’s super amicable and the group is soaking it up and we’re all excited to start but the walk off time isn’t until 2:40. At 2:40 on the dot however, we all (minus one) start the stroll through New York City’s Garment District.

The tour totaled ten vendor destinations starting with Ivel International where we met the Russian leather, suede, and fur pattern/maker, supplier and manufacturer, Boris ending with the Middle Eastern fabric supplier and full-service production, Ali. From grading and marking to care labels, hangers and garment care, the LC Apparel Consulting’s Garment District Tour didn’t miss a beat.

Lenese’s skills as a production manager is worth the $175 ticket I paid to get her first hand knowledge of the process and and pains of production. But when you find someone as passionate as Lenese about what they do and equally as passionate about sharing the information, let’s just say businesses like LC Apparel Consulting are rare. Great experience and highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn and build a bomb business.

Queen & Slim 2x

Char Saint

So of course Queen & Slim was so f*cking DOPE that I just had to see it again!!!!

Here’s my ultimate favorite scene from the movie and undoubtedly so because I couldn’t have said it best the type of love that is both wanted and needed. And before you see this clip, just know that this is know a favorite movie of mine.


*Clip courtesy of from New York Times.

Stay Tuned for Greatness

Char Saint

I appreciate Flo for thee most consistent love on my site!!! Your love doesn’t go unnoticed. To all the new comers who in due time will scroll through & read this:

I’ve been popping & I’ve been putting in work. In 2020, watch ME shine. 😉

Book of Week: The Bible of Financial Freedom

Char Saint

George Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon is alllllllll about setting up clearly the universal laws of prosperity.

I’ve been in planning mode since 12/1 putting together the pieces of how my 2020 is going to be financially different and it all starts with a financial plan. The goal has never been clearer.

I’m choosing (deliberately make a choice) to create, grow, and preserve my money 💰. First order of business is memorizing all Five Laws of Gold. I know from my studies that Repetition is Key 🔑 and what you do most is that you do best! 💡

I’m challenging myself to a new financial lifestyle. I’ve been broke! And yes, I’ve been without! Thank GOD I’ve learned tremendous lessons from my choices. It’s why I’ve NOW made the choice to save* more then I’ve ever saved because I want more than I’ve ever had. I’m entitled (as we all are) to prosperity and I’m busting down the doors for mine!

Be different, do different, and watch soon, you get different. Funny thing is (and this point is TOTALLY fashion related 😉😘) the main character of the book, Arkad, is recounting to, Bansir & Kobbi, the men who desired gold and thus sought his counsel in obtaining wealth and he says “I would not be content to clothe myself in the cheapest raiment that looked respectable. I would not be satisfied with the lot of a poor man.”

Y’all hear me clearly for real, I felt that shit! You know the iPhone 📱 feature where you can slam a text down to emphasis a text, well insert that shit right here! To my core, I really felt those two lines! Arkad is saying what I just said a few sentences back, I want all the good life has to offer and that my friends is all about time and money freedom! I’m going to tell y’all like Arkad’s money lender Algamish told him, I decided that a part of all I earn is mine to keep. So when I “come up” y’all can refer here.

Queen & Slim

Char Saint

Two names I can’t get enough of hearing: Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) & Slim (Daniel Kaluuya). But truth be told, I can’t mention Queen & Slim without mentioning director, Melina Matsoukas and screenplay writer, Lena Waithe.

Imagine being on a first date that takes an unexpected turn when a policeman pulls y’all over for a minor traffic violation. But then imagine what happens next when the situation escalates, and your date takes the officer’s gun and shoots him in self-defense? Now we’re both labelled cop killers in the media, and start feeling like we have no choice but to go on the run and evade what this country calls law enforcement. Next, boom 💥 a video of the incident goes viral! In Queen & Slim, the unwitting outlaws soon become a reminder of the trauma, terror, grief and pain that black people across the country endure. But the endurance, passion and persistent of their trials and tribulations captive with a remarkable performance at an inevitable moment.

Let’s talk fashion though! I felt a way that Beyoncé couldn’t help but steal the shine at this weekend’s premier when she flexed in a matching pair of Brother Vellies Palms boots as seen on Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) in the film. But f*ck the noise though cause seriously y’all please hear me when I tell you that snakeskin print is one of the hottest prints and trends for the year and fashioned with a 3.5 inch heel and a mid-thigh shaft makes sense that the wardrobe department made it so Queen spent 60-70% of the film in those boots! Char Saint says “smart selection.”

I highly recommend you all take the two hours and enjoy. But I also highly recommend opting to splurge on a snakeskin accessory this season. Until next time. ABC.Saint 💋

Delivering a Delightful December

Char Saint

Hey y’all!! It’s Char Saint here and I wanted to personally tell you all that I’m switching up the entire flow, vibe and content of http://www.CharSaint.com. From today forward the website is Raw Fashion & Authentic Style with a luxurious twist. It’s an experience that only I can deliver.

How I’m seeing things are simple: If it’s about fashion & Char Saint, then it’ll always involve sex, money, music, food and health. In every single category fashion & style are present. From my random rants to my consistent content, it’s a daily dose of Raw Fashion & Authentic Style.

I’ll be interviewing the latest & hottest across the industries, reviewing the creme de la creme of every crop, as well as experiencing the finest the tri-state has to offer. If they’re lit, then I’m interviewing them. If it’s hot, then I’m giving a review. And for real, if it’s popping then it’s definitely all ME. Stay tuned for this amazing journey, and welcome to a day in the life of Char Saint!