Love So Deep

Char Saint

Queen & Slim has left me thinking immensely about real love. How uncomplicated it really is. How it’s at its best when it’s all simple. How untainted and unblemished it really is. That’s love.

Of course however, nothing about Queen & Slim’s journey really was “simple”. But, when they fell in love, at that perfect moment, it was pure simplicity. It was surreal in its form. It was raw. It was authentic. It’s exactly a moment that I would undoubtedly want to recount and relive over, and over again.

I truly and wholeheartedly believe in the simplicity of love. I find that assuming formlessness allows me to just be in the moment. Like being in love, if you’re living in the moment (not in yesterday and not for tomorrow) life is prettier.

Love shouldn’t be questioned. The heart shouldn’t be questioned. The physical love they encountered came after they manifested the mental love. Isn’t that the natural order of things or have we complicated that as well?

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