Book of Week: The Bible of Financial Freedom

Char Saint

George Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon is alllllllll about setting up clearly the universal laws of prosperity.

I’ve been in planning mode since 12/1 putting together the pieces of how my 2020 is going to be financially different and it all starts with a financial plan. The goal has never been clearer.

I’m choosing (deliberately make a choice) to create, grow, and preserve my money 💰. First order of business is memorizing all Five Laws of Gold. I know from my studies that Repetition is Key 🔑 and what you do most is that you do best! 💡

I’m challenging myself to a new financial lifestyle. I’ve been broke! And yes, I’ve been without! Thank GOD I’ve learned tremendous lessons from my choices. It’s why I’ve NOW made the choice to save* more then I’ve ever saved because I want more than I’ve ever had. I’m entitled (as we all are) to prosperity and I’m busting down the doors for mine!

Be different, do different, and watch soon, you get different. Funny thing is (and this point is TOTALLY fashion related 😉😘) the main character of the book, Arkad, is recounting to, Bansir & Kobbi, the men who desired gold and thus sought his counsel in obtaining wealth and he says “I would not be content to clothe myself in the cheapest raiment that looked respectable. I would not be satisfied with the lot of a poor man.”

Y’all hear me clearly for real, I felt that shit! You know the iPhone 📱 feature where you can slam a text down to emphasis a text, well insert that shit right here! To my core, I really felt those two lines! Arkad is saying what I just said a few sentences back, I want all the good life has to offer and that my friends is all about time and money freedom! I’m going to tell y’all like Arkad’s money lender Algamish told him, I decided that a part of all I earn is mine to keep. So when I “come up” y’all can refer here.