Queen & Slim

Char Saint

Two names I can’t get enough of hearing: Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) & Slim (Daniel Kaluuya). But truth be told, I can’t mention Queen & Slim without mentioning director, Melina Matsoukas and screenplay writer, Lena Waithe.

Imagine being on a first date that takes an unexpected turn when a policeman pulls y’all over for a minor traffic violation. But then imagine what happens next when the situation escalates, and your date takes the officer’s gun and shoots him in self-defense? Now we’re both labelled cop killers in the media, and start feeling like we have no choice but to go on the run and evade what this country calls law enforcement. Next, boom đź’Ą a video of the incident goes viral! In Queen & Slim, the unwitting outlaws soon become a reminder of the trauma, terror, grief and pain that black people across the country endure. But the endurance, passion and persistent of their trials and tribulations captive with a remarkable performance at an inevitable moment.

Let’s talk fashion though! I felt a way that BeyoncĂ© couldn’t help but steal the shine at this weekend’s premier when she flexed in a matching pair of Brother Vellies Palms boots as seen on Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) in the film. But f*ck the noise though cause seriously y’all please hear me when I tell you that snakeskin print is one of the hottest prints and trends for the year and fashioned with a 3.5 inch heel and a mid-thigh shaft makes sense that the wardrobe department made it so Queen spent 60-70% of the film in those boots! Char Saint says “smart selection.”

I highly recommend you all take the two hours and enjoy. But I also highly recommend opting to splurge on a snakeskin accessory this season. Until next time. ABC.Saint đź’‹