Delivering a Delightful December

Char Saint

Hey y’all!! It’s Char Saint here and I wanted to personally tell you all that I’m switching up the entire flow, vibe and content of From today forward the website is Raw Fashion & Authentic Style with a luxurious twist. It’s an experience that only I can deliver.

How I’m seeing things are simple: If it’s about fashion & Char Saint, then it’ll always involve sex, money, music, food and health. In every single category fashion & style are present. From my random rants to my consistent content, it’s a daily dose of Raw Fashion & Authentic Style.

I’ll be interviewing the latest & hottest across the industries, reviewing the creme de la creme of every crop, as well as experiencing the finest the tri-state has to offer. If they’re lit, then I’m interviewing them. If it’s hot, then I’m giving a review. And for real, if it’s popping then it’s definitely all ME. Stay tuned for this amazing journey, and welcome to a day in the life of Char Saint!

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