Is there a Club for Female Executives?

Char Saint

Apparently the answer is yes and the New York-based private network and club connects high-ranking women across industries with a specific goal of elevating women into leadership roles.

Here are the statistics: less than 25% of all executive positions are held by women and less than 5% of same carry the savvy CEO title. Real talk though, aside from the savvy title it’s more about the numbers. From the stats to the paychecks, the disparity between women in leadership roles and exec titles are alarming. But have no fear, Chief is here.

Chief, again, a private network and club that connects high-ranking women across industries launched in January and started the network with $3 million in funding and about 200 founding members. Nicole Foster, one of Chief’s members, is the head of Global Marketing and Programs at Amazon’s web services. According to Nicole, “the group sessions leave you feeling heard, acknowledged, and valued.”

From the meetings to the networking an outsider can’t help but to wonder if there’s room at this table for other women that resembles Nicole Foster. 🤔

I recently learned that they’ve already generated a waitlist that currently exceeds 4,000. The club for female executives offers two flagship programs. One is called the Core and the other Salon Series. What happens is the Core splits members into groups of 8 to 10 for monthly meetings to discuss work experiences. The Salon Series however offers everything from workshops to monthly poker nights.