Riches With Rihanna

Char Saint

Oh bad gal Riri! Did anyone get the memo that Rihanna is the richest female musician?! Anyway, thought I’d share the news. On to the topic of discussion.

Born in Paris, made in Italy and France, FENTY’s home is online (minus the original pop up shop a few weeks ago). Can I be the first to say that it’s super evident that FENTY reflects Rihanna’s own personal style, character, and experiences? I think I just did, lol.

I am also operating on the belief that FENTY is here to challenge the rules of fashion and that the maison forms the staples of a wardrobe.  According to Rihanna, through this digital flagship, special edition releases are available on “See-Now-Wear-Now” model and will express a new facet of a woman and her wardrobe.

Kwame photograph - Lady holding Africa

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