Who’s the NBA’s Highest Earning Player?

Char Saint

Officially speaking, the LA Lakers are ranked as the NBA’s second most valuable team, according to Forbes magazine.

With other U.S. major sports lacking in numbers, pro basketball has seen a growth spurt that continues to outpace the NFL, MLB, and the MLH.

Owned by the Jerry Buss Family Trusts and Philip Anschutz, the Los Angeles Lakers are worth $3,700,000. In comparison to the last two years, the growth is up about 12%. Current revenue, $395,000,000. Operating income tallied up to $147million.

Can anyone guess who’s the number one earning player in that team? Well, if you guessed LeBron James, you guessed right. Not only is LeBron securing the bag at $53.7 million, but his endorsement deals of $53 million says he gets paid on and off the court.