BeyoncĂ© & Marni Senofonte

Char Saint

Char Saint, BeyoncĂ©, Marni Senofonte. I want my name mentioned among the greats because that’s exactly what I am: GREAT!

From massive fashion statements to the Lemonade film via Mrs. Carter aka Beyoncé, Marni Senofonte has created not only the Uber impressive styles in the Lemonade film, but also for the entire tour.

If that doesn’t suffice, the statement maker aka Marni Senofonte was featured on Season 17, Episode 3 of thee Project Runway. Aside from lending her expertise advice to the contestants, she also provide ample valuable information that resonates with creatives across the globe 🌎.

How’s Your Social Media Game?

Char Saint

As of lately, social media has grown to be more like a platform for entrepreneurship and less like a stage for tools & fu*k boys & girls alike.

The million dollar question is, how are you using social media?!?

Oversized Lifestyle 3/19

Char Saint

Make an oversize clutch the star of your look.

Simplicity & Good Taste

Char Saint

Style Tips 106: Sophisticated Accessories

Char Saint

Don’t forget thee elegant finishing touches such as bags and shoes, when wrapping up your look. If you’re heading to your 9-5, then delicate earrings, graceful necklace and a sleek watch will be all you need. If you’re in the latter tear working from 5-9, then I’d highly suggest opting for the opposite. Go full on femme fatale by layering up on the pearls and diamonds. Throw in a crossbody bag with chains for a hands-free evening.

It Girl Attire

Char Saint

What goes better with chunky knits than 90s inspired denim and a statement necklace, heels and lipstick. It’s about boundary-pushing style, elevated shopping, and reinvented fashion like no other.

Forbes says “Yea to African Art”

Char Saint

Yesssssss!!!! So Forbes gave expert advice on luxe investments and African Art was on that list.

Featured was the South African photographer, Zanele Muholi and her transition from small to big. Small being local galleries and now she’s on to bigger and better with features in institutions such as Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art Africa.

Currently, the artist’s work is auctioned at a mere $15k, but the investment is in the buying of right now. The visual artist is activist very well known for choosing to focus on documenting human beings, as depicted below.

If Beale Street Could Talk: Kiki Layne

Char Saint

It’s an easy street in Beale Street with Kiki Layne and Stephan James because they exuded an undeniable chemistry on the big screen and knowing the fun fact that If Beale Street Could Talk, the movie was actually based on James Baldwin’s fifth novel was a win for me. For me, it sort of resonated with the Black Love movement initiated by Remy and Paposse Mackie. The novel, Baldwin said, was a tale of “survival and eventual triumph” in Black America.

The characters Tish played by Layne and Fonny played by James, is based on two young lovers who dream of a happy life are quickly brought to a halt when Fonny (Stephan James) is jailed for a rape he did not commit. The film was heartfelt and filled with current events that remind us African Americans out struggle and success are our own.

Kiki Layne is featured here via her Instagram @KikiLayne feed dripped in Pyer Moss for her Sundance Film Festival portraits.

Nina Chanel Abney & Norton Museum of Art

Char Saint

From Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida to the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Nina Chanel Abney has been making major moves across the country.

The Harvey, Illinois native has been pushing past the boundaries and her exploration of current events and a sensitive pass hits emotional strides with every stroke. Seen here below Nina’s Royal Flush exhibition made its final stop in New York at the Neuberger Museum of Art located at the heart of Purchase College as seen via her Instagram, @NinaChanel. The exhibition is currently on display and will remain so until June 30, 2019.

Apparently, it was Nina Chanel Abney’s MFA thesis show for Parsons that stirred the pot and shined the light on this young Queen The painting, Class of 2007 got her quick gallery reps as her large-scale painting depicted her white classmates, dressed in prison attire orange and pained as black, while a version of Nina herself shown as a white armed guard, standing to the side. Nina has been quoted saying that she puts the headlines in her work and man has she proven same to be so. Rock on Nina, rock on.

What’s Cardi B’s Real Nationality?

Char Saint has said it before and now we’re saying it again, with the help of Brother Hardbody God regarding Cardi B’s riding of the Afrikan American culture.

According to the facts and @thahardbodygod, Cardi’s father is a Dominican of European descent, and her mom, yeah a Trinidadian also of European descent. So when you add up all of the facts, Dominican and Trinidadian both of European descent, the final question is when and where did she become what she’s pretending to be, an Afrikan American woman?