What’s In Your Diet?

Char Saint

After watching several documentaries via YouTube, I’ve found that I never truly knew what my diet consisted of. Upon further research, I learned that our diet 4,500 miles away aka Africa is severely and vastly different from that of America.

Most Americans diets consists of starch (a binding chemical) and blood (meat). Now if we’re made up of water and water is energy, how does starch and blood fit into our genetic makeup? It doesn’t. Hence why we’re not only dying by the numbers, but also struggling on multiple fronts and still ignorant to the knowledge available.

Since the beginning of slavery, White Europeans coined the term “monkeys” and/or “gorillas” to reference us as a people. Funny thing is gorillas 🦍 don’t eat blood. Curious to find out, check your local animal prisons aka zoos.

It’s possible that back in Africa there were no studies of biochemistry and no biochemists because we had everything we needed in the jungles. Who needs doctors when there are no diseases?