If Beale Street Could Talk: Kiki Layne

Char Saint

It’s an easy street in Beale Street with Kiki Layne and Stephan James because they exuded an undeniable chemistry on the big screen and knowing the fun fact that If Beale Street Could Talk, the movie was actually based on James Baldwin’s fifth novel was a win for me. For me, it sort of resonated with the Black Love movement initiated by Remy and Paposse Mackie. The novel, Baldwin said, was a tale of “survival and eventual triumph” in Black America.

The characters Tish played by Layne and Fonny played by James, is based on two young lovers who dream of a happy life are quickly brought to a halt when Fonny (Stephan James) is jailed for a rape he did not commit. The film was heartfelt and filled with current events that remind us African Americans out struggle and success are our own.

Kiki Layne is featured here via her Instagram @KikiLayne feed dripped in Pyer Moss for her Sundance Film Festival portraits.