Style Tip 101: Thee Perfect Pant

Char Saint

What is the “perfect pant” and how do you find it? Well the perfect pant starts with the fit. Step 1: Everything you wear should accomplish three things before you can consider them to be “perfect”. The perfect pant must first accentuate. Secondly, there needs to be balance. And finally, they must camouflage.

Step 2: Always know your stretch. I’ve found that 95% cotton & 5% Lycra isn’t just a great combo, but also goes a long way in finding the perfect silhouette to embrace any and every shape.

Step 3: Always hem the pant to your shoe height (albeit flat or heel).

Style Intel: Start by dressing up a pair of black trousers with a classic pajama shirt. Next, add block heels. I’d recommend accessorizing in bright hues to seal a solid A1 deal.