7 Top Vegan Fruits

Char Saint

Snakefruit, granadilla, soursop, jackfruit, papaya, mangosteen and sweetsop.

I “Think” They Love Me

Char Saint

Said the little black dress. Deceptively simple as I am, I am the core of every collection.

4 Flex In Style Using Key Accessories

Char Saint
  1. Layer your necklaces (try fem pieces with edgy chains, feathers with beads or pearls and diamonds);
  2. Go for the knockout accent (if it’s a simple piece, hype it up with show stopper accessory like standout earrings;
  3. Go hands-free for the evening opting for a dressy cross-body bag for an oomph edge; and, last be not least,
  4. Own something leopard as a key staple (i.e a belt, loafers or scarf).

4?s to Determine your Freak Level ❤️

Char Saint

Have you ever wondered how freaky is freaky? Well today is a great day to figure it out. Below are 4 straight to the point questions that if you answer “yes” will determine your level of freaky!

Brace yourself because the truth may be frightening or tempting…

  1. Are you always ready to sex any and everywhere? Yes/No
  2. Do you mistake basic convos for dirty talk? Yes/No
  3. Would you have sex in a public place? Yes/No
  4. Would you phone-sex via FaceTime? Yes/No.

If you answered “Yes” to 1 of 4, then you’re basic level freaky✨. If you answered “Yes” to 2 of 4✨✨, then you’re bronze level freaky. “Yes” to 3 of 4 ✨✨✨you’re definitely a freak. Well 4 out 4✨✨✨✨, you already know that made you a certified freak, right? Kudos and thank the most high for you. ☺️

Blueprint III

Char Saint

Remember that time Jay-Z released a commercial with Rhapsody to promote his classic, Blueprint III album? Well if you don’t, let me be an awesome reminder: the day was September 8 and the year was 2009. Jay-Z blessed us with his 11th studio album. Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z aka Hova is the G.O.A.T fr, fr. From day one until now. Char Saint said so!

Fun fact about the art cover for the album: The cover consists of a large amount of all-white instruments and recording tools stacked in a corner, with three red lines across the image. Rather than simply using photoshop, the album’s design team carefully stacked all the equipment in a corner then used a projector to create the bars. They then painted red onto the equipment where the projection of the bars was, and replaced the projector with a camera to achieve the correct perspective for the image. Blueprint 3 would be Jay-Z’s first album cover that did not feature his face on it.

Black Impact: Can African Americans Move Markets?

Char Saint

The brand impact of conscious African-American consumers is being seen right before of eyes.As seen through social media, we have started to broker a seat at the table and are demanding that brands and marketers speak to us in ways that resonate culturally and experientially—if these brands want their business. And with African Americans spending $1.2 trillion annually, brands have a lot to f*cking lose.

$1.2 Trillion Reasons Why Blacks Should be Further Ahead

Char Saint

African Americans make up just 14% of the population, yet we are responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually. Here are a few odd facts when you dive into the dollars spent:

“In some cases, black consumers make up over 50% of overall spending, such as the category of dry grains and vegetables. But other categories are stand-outs as well, like baby food (42.76%) personal soap and bath needs (41.64%) and air fresheners and deodorizers (38.29%).”

Let’s not get into the facts spelled out in Race to Incarcerate by Marc Mauer’s The Sentencing Project which tells the tragic story of runway growth in the number of prisons and jails, and the over reliance on imprisonment to stem problems of economic and social development which directly affect African-Americans.

2 Reasons Why Black Businesses Only Get 2% of $1,000,000,000,000 of Their Own Money

Char Saint
  1. African-Americans spend less money in black-owned businesses than other racial and ethnic groups spend in businesses owned by members of their groups, including Hispanics and Asians; and,

  2. Shopping myths and notions that have been passed down through generations that every other race (especially whites) can offer African-Americans more for less that we can offer ourselves.

The bottom line question remains this: Should black people go out of their way to patronize black-owned business? My unanimous answer; F*ck yeah we should!

Rapper Bobby Ray Simmons aka B.o.B said it best on his mixtape New Black on the song titled New Black:

“I’m not even against the whole movement. Like I’m not even hating on it. It’s just, if we put that energy into ourselves. And into our community. And not so much into complaining about how we’ve been done wrong. And, and we have been done wrong, but it’s like. We gotta stop just saying the same thing and do something different. All this energy that we’re putting into protesting. We should put it into our community. Put it into start up businesses, put it into your kids. Put it into your community. Start our own businesses. So we don’t have to support all these other businesses.”

I really believe that ageless style begins with confidence, originality, and a covetable wardrobe and while it’s true that only a few lucky women are born with authentic style, for most, style is something that comes with time and experience.

Style starts with confidence and ends there. Period. However, if you have the proper building blocks aka foundation, then a winning wardrobe aka the house is inevitable.

Here are 5-Game Changing Style Updates by yours truly:

  1. Accentuate, balance, and camouflage;
  2. Show skin strategically;
  3. Know your stretch (95% cotton & 5% spandex);
  4. Embrace your shape; and,
  5. Make friends with a good tailor.

In 2019 remember that we do judge & those judgements are based mostly on first impressions. Thus, as Oscar Wilde once said “looking good and dressing well is a necessity.”

Char Saint