#ConvertYourCloset Challenge

Char Saint

Have you heard about the latest Instagram challenge called #ConvertYourCloset?

Well here’s the 411 on what I’m claiming to be thee most important challenge to hit the gram thus far.

The sole purpose of the #ConvertYourCloset movement is to challenge the notion that European luxury is “better” luxury. The goal of the challenge is to gradually convert your closet from European luxury to African luxury. Real talk, as side from the fact that European luxury brands never made it a point to specifically market to African Americans, why go so hard for a brand(s) that’s not made by us and not for us?

It’s all in the realm of possibility for us to produce luxury starting especially with that fact that as African Americans, we’re as luxurious as a people can get. Now, be clear: I will not be burning, destroying or donating any of my Gucci & Prada (I paid real American pesos & since a refund isn’t in the cards 🤷🏾‍♀️). However, I am fully committed to assisting the culture in setting better standards for high luxury fashion.

Why up until now African Americans didn’t think we could produce luxury is beyond the topic of discussion, but one we’ll certainly revisit. What’s important now is that we move forward in unity by supporting our own businesses. After all, the motto goes “Family business or none at all” right? Let’s make is so that we as a people can get more that 2% of the $1.5 trillion we spending.

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