Can you tell me WTF happened to Authentic Style? Style 101

Char Saint

Let’s take a moment to put thee Spotlight on Style. What is it? How does one acquire it? Let’s dive deep.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Style (n) is defined as 1) mode of address : title 2) a way of speaking/writing; esp : one characteristic of an individual, period, school, or nation 3) manner/method of acting, making, or performing; also : a distinctive/characteristic manner 4) a slender pointed instrument/process; esp : stylus 5) a fashionable manner/mode 6) overall excellence, skill, or grace in performance, manner, or appearance 7) the custom followed in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and typography.

Style is a talent that either comes naturally by birth, or a skill acquired overtime through thee means of intelligent shopping which comes through an effortless era of trial and error.

Ultimately, however, style is about perception. But not at all about thee outer perception(s) but indeed and entirely based upon thee inward perception(s).

How do you perceive yourself and thee world in which you created and currently reside? Did you know a solid legit wardrobe that can stand the test of time starts with your building blocks? Style is inward perception of your outer. What are you made of? What are you built of? Me? Brown sugar, honey 🍯 , cocoa 🍫 and gold ✨.