Karl Lagerfeld Dies in Paris at 85

Char Saint

Breaking news! Iconic designer, Karl Lagerfeld has official passed away as reported by BOF.

Karl Lagerfeld’s passion for the industry was so embedded into who he was and that passion paired with his inexhaustible work ethic, it was no surprise to have found that he was once quoted saying “to design is to breathe, so if I can’t breathe, then I’m in trouble.”

With Karl Lagerfeld as the creative director of the French luxury fashion house of Chanel from 1983 until the today, my first thought upon hearing the news was ‘who’s going to replace him as the creative director’ and ‘will on God’s green earth could fill such big shoes?’

However, even with all my questions, it wasn’t an immediate surprise when learned of Karl Lagerfeld’s death because of you pay close attention, in all his years as creative director for Chanel, Lagerfeld had never missed a show…until this year. At a cost of millions per season, the boundaries surpassed at every Chanel show were astonishing.

But what did Mr. Lagerfeld do on his days off? Well apparently the iconic old man had a gift for ignoring the traditiona; expectations of a luxury player.  While he wasn’t designing hotel rooms, video games, motorcycle helmets, and a BMW, was also into a comestics range inspired by his also-famous cat. Choupette, and directing an ad campaign for Magnum ice cream bars that featured model Baptise Giabiconi rendered in a chocolate in a life size sculpture.