Is there Intimacy in Understanding?

Char Saint

Nikki Rowe once said “Our souls speak a language that is beyond human understanding. A connection so rare the universe won’t let us part.”

There’s so much intimacy in understanding. I hope we all are fortunate enough to find someone who speaks our language so we don’t have to spend a lifetime translating our spirits.

#ConvertYourCloset Challenge

Char Saint

Have you heard about the latest Instagram challenge called #ConvertYourCloset?

Well here’s the 411 on what I’m claiming to be thee most important challenge to hit the gram thus far.

The sole purpose of the #ConvertYourCloset movement is to challenge the notion that European luxury is “better” luxury. The goal of the challenge is to gradually convert your closet from European luxury to African luxury. Real talk, as side from the fact that European luxury brands never made it a point to specifically market to African Americans, why go so hard for a brand(s) that’s not made by us and not for us?

It’s all in the realm of possibility for us to produce luxury starting especially with that fact that as African Americans, we’re as luxurious as a people can get. Now, be clear: I will not be burning, destroying or donating any of my Gucci & Prada (I paid real American pesos & since a refund isn’t in the cards 🤷🏾‍♀️). However, I am fully committed to assisting the culture in setting better standards for high luxury fashion.

Why up until now African Americans didn’t think we could produce luxury is beyond the topic of discussion, but one we’ll certainly revisit. What’s important now is that we move forward in unity by supporting our own businesses. After all, the motto goes “Family business or none at all” right? Let’s make is so that we as a people can get more that 2% of the $1.5 trillion we spending.

91st Annual Academy Awards & Spike Lee’s 1st Win

Char Saint

Five Oscar nominations and 30 years later, Spike Lee finally won his first Oscar Sunday night for BlacKkKlansman. Since this is, it wouldn’t be a post without reviewing Spike’s all purple attire right? Well FYI, it was his tribute to the late Prince. I personally, could have done without the h-t-t purple but then again, it wasn’t me. So… 🤷🏾‍♀️

Interestingly enough, the big take away from Spike Lee’s winning speech (which, in my opinion, was all over the place but I still love you Spike😘) referenced the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Spike Lee spoke to the Oscar’s crowd and said “Let’s all mobilize, let’s all be on the right side of history.”

Here’s how I took it: Spike waited all these years to win a rightfully deserved Academy Award and now that he’s won he’s on the stage. A main stage where hundreds of millions of people are tuned it. So, what better way to remind a country of its greatness that it always was, not what Trump thought it “could be”.

Thee Oscars & How The Women Mastered Menswear

Char Saint

Clearly thee women of Hollywood were still on the #MeTooMovement because the red carpet oozed with menswear. The iconic pantsuits screamed “power stance!”

From Jennifer Hudson to Jennifer Lawrence, thee memo was the same: power players wear pantsuits.

In case you’re wondering how you can flex in style too, my advice is this: whenever you do opt to flex the look there are only two simple, but crucial requirements – heels 👠& lipstick 💄.

Everything Must Go

Char Saint

Style 101: Remember that Barney song called “Clean Up”? It went something like “Clean up. Clean up, everybody, everywhere. Clean up, clean up its time to do your share.” Welp that’s what my Everything Must Go post is all about.

Chances are that probably 50% the attire in your closet has been untouched in over a year. So….. here’s my solution below.

First, start with some wardrobe loyalty. Just because it isn’t in season today doesn’t mean it won’t be tomorrow. So start by sorting through seasonal clothes. (i.e. spring/summer and fall/winter).

Take it a step further when sifting through your museum of style by vetting your vintage. Subtle design tweaks can make a major difference and boom💥, just like that what’s old becomes new again.

3 Ways to Update & Upgrade Your Closet

Char Saint

Men lie. Women lie. But, numbers don’t. It’s a proven fact that we sport approximately 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. That means that 8 times out of 10 we opt for clothes that we’ve already worn (repeat offender 😜🤪). So what becomes of the 80% of clothes that we don’t wear? They become our closet’s dust collector (who needs a Swiffer?)

1. Everything that hasn’t been worn in a year must Go!;

2. Mix prints by combining colors, scales or patterns for more wears;

3. Accessorize in brights for a highlighted moment.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, as well as info of where to donate any and every items that applies to #1. 😘

Is Black Outrage the New Way of Marketing & PR?

Char Saint

Causing outrage in black community has become the trendiest marketing strategy. From Nucci to Nada the hype towards “targeted racism” has been the same, Black outrage. Meanwhile, these luxury brands are getting free advertising.

Can you tell me WTF happened to Authentic Style? Style 101

Char Saint

Let’s take a moment to put thee Spotlight on Style. What is it? How does one acquire it? Let’s dive deep.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Style (n) is defined as 1) mode of address : title 2) a way of speaking/writing; esp : one characteristic of an individual, period, school, or nation 3) manner/method of acting, making, or performing; also : a distinctive/characteristic manner 4) a slender pointed instrument/process; esp : stylus 5) a fashionable manner/mode 6) overall excellence, skill, or grace in performance, manner, or appearance 7) the custom followed in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and typography.

Style is a talent that either comes naturally by birth, or a skill acquired overtime through thee means of intelligent shopping which comes through an effortless era of trial and error.

Ultimately, however, style is about perception. But not at all about thee outer perception(s) but indeed and entirely based upon thee inward perception(s).

How do you perceive yourself and thee world in which you created and currently reside? Did you know a solid legit wardrobe that can stand the test of time starts with your building blocks? Style is inward perception of your outer. What are you made of? What are you built of? Me? Brown sugar, honey 🍯 , cocoa 🍫 and gold ✨.

Karl Lagerfeld Dies in Paris at 85

Char Saint

Breaking news! Iconic designer, Karl Lagerfeld has official passed away as reported by BOF.

Karl Lagerfeld’s passion for the industry was so embedded into who he was and that passion paired with his inexhaustible work ethic, it was no surprise to have found that he was once quoted saying “to design is to breathe, so if I can’t breathe, then I’m in trouble.”

With Karl Lagerfeld as the creative director of the French luxury fashion house of Chanel from 1983 until the today, my first thought upon hearing the news was ‘who’s going to replace him as the creative director’ and ‘will on God’s green earth could fill such big shoes?’

However, even with all my questions, it wasn’t an immediate surprise when learned of Karl Lagerfeld’s death because of you pay close attention, in all his years as creative director for Chanel, Lagerfeld had never missed a show…until this year. At a cost of millions per season, the boundaries surpassed at every Chanel show were astonishing.

But what did Mr. Lagerfeld do on his days off? Well apparently the iconic old man had a gift for ignoring the traditiona; expectations of a luxury player.  While he wasn’t designing hotel rooms, video games, motorcycle helmets, and a BMW, was also into a comestics range inspired by his also-famous cat. Choupette, and directing an ad campaign for Magnum ice cream bars that featured model Baptise Giabiconi rendered in a chocolate in a life size sculpture.