Fantasy, Theory, Fact.

Char Saint

We’re currently 31 days into 2019 which means that officially we are 1 month down with 11 more to go before it’s 2020!

While I’m extremely focused on making this year my most profitable to date, I’m already planning for 2020. Fantasy. Theory. Fact. “Like Momma Dee, in that order.” (*Nicki Minaj – High School*)

My fantasy stage was back in 2017. Then came the theory stage in 2018. So you know what that means for 2019, right? Bingo! Fact. As long as the outcome is income, we should all be making money moves. (*Cardi B – Bodak Yellow*)

Shifting my paradigm by far has been the hardest part of my journey. I’ve come to the conclusion however, that if I add consistency to the top of the list, I can actually take quantum leaps in 2019. Stay tuned.