Controversial Cornrows on Vogue Runways…

Char Saint

Black models (when and if seen at all) featured on runways in Vogue’s Runway index of designers and brands (2019 ready-to-wear) were highlighted with what I’m calling controversial cornrows.

At first, I thought it was a coincidence while browsing through the first few collections. But, as I continued, I found that roughly 70-75% of the designer featured their Black models in cornrows. (I’ve got receipts too, try me.)

From A to Z, the designer house piled on the controversial cornrows like it was a message. From Alaïa to Valentino (shown here) it appears cornrows are the hairstyle of choice behind-the-scenes for Black women as featured on white runways.

The only three exceptions where the Black models weren’t wearing cornrows seemed to be on three occasions. First, her hair wasn’t long enough to be braided, the models wore wigs, or she looked more like something else other than a Black woman. But, hey. I’m just thee observant Style Alchemist who notices every detail from exquisite embroidery to unpolished toes on from the office to the runway. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I’ll end on this note with saying I overstand more and more why movements like the #BlackVouge are occurring, but more than anything, why it is that they’re absolutely necessary.

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