Char’s #RawReview – Oyinkan Braithwaite My Sister, The Serial Killer (Part II)

Char Saint

So this a.m. I checked out of the SOPL a novel by Oyinkan Braithwaite titled “My Sister, The Serial Killer.” Time stamp on that check out was approximately 11:25 a.m. and less than 12hrs later I’m coming to you with my #RawReview.

Fun Fact: I was at the check out counter with books for research when I saw Oyinkan Braithwaite’s novel on display at the library’s “Look What Your Neighbors Returned This Week” shelf My Sister, The Serial Killer.

Fun Fact: I read about Oyinkan Braithwaite’s novel via Elle’s must read recommendations (October or November 2018 issue).

Now for my #RawReview with no spoilers!! Numerically, I give it 5 stars! Oyinkan cautions us (if you read closely) to be aware of how culpable we are for the actions of those we enable.

Let’s start with the cover. Anyone else notice the details in her round eyed sunglasses? (Check it out of you missed it) Attention to detail is crucial. Now that I’ve judged the book by its cover, shall we dive into the actual #RawReview?

Who: Ayoola (the serial killer) & Korede (the older sister).

What: An older sister (Korede) who’s forced to learn that she is her younger sister’s (Ayoola) keeper, literally.

Where: Lagos, Nigeria.

When: The time setting isn’t specific, but I can make an educated guess based on the mere mentions of Instagram and Maga that we’re set somewhere in 2015 or later.

Why: You’ll have to read the potent pages flipper to overstand how I finished a 223 page novel in less than 12hrs, as well as why Ayoola turns out to be who and what she is, a serial killer.

Thanks to #Elle for the recommendation, as well as #SOPL for the access, and most importantly #OyinkanBraithwaite for great writing and amazing editing!

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