Music & Fashion

Char Saint Thee Stylist

I’ve always had a love for music and it just dawned on me a way to bridge the gap here.

First and foremost let’s start with facts: Studies have shown that there are various ways through which a human responds to mind stimuli. Can you guess a few? How about naming just one? Yup, that’s right, MUSIC!

It’s a proven fact that music ranks in the top ten mind stimuli to which the we respond most freely. That’s why I’m adding a new page to the site! Stayed tuned as I interview the hottest artists in the game, how they landed on the 🎤 & how their dope street style landed them in’s FashionableMusic.

They have an apparent passion for fashion, but there’s an undying love for music. It’s Raw Fashion & Authentic Style at its Finest! Stay tuned!

Xoxo, my stylistic saint & sinners!

The luxuriantly stylish,

Char “Thee Style Alchemist” Saint