On Time: Chess not Checkers

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Often times I’ve wondered whether I’m on the right track and whether I’m close enough to my major objectives. I believe we should all have a plan in place for the life we’re currently experiencing in human form. Some fail to realize that having a plan is something like a guide. A captain wouldn’t sail a ship without a map, so why would we go through life without a plan? If one has no plan and/or no goal, then I suppose a guide is pointless isn’t it?

I’m all too privy to the fact that the journey of life is a very personal one. However, being that we’re all seemingly connected in more ways than one, it’s difficult for me to accept that personal should also mean solo.

Is it possible that the journey is personal to limit the room for doubters and nay sayers? Or personal because we’re built from within and rooted without? Could perhaps then the journey also be solo to limit trust solely to thyself? Or is it solo for purposes of clarification, stabilization and self-sufficiency?

If taken seriously and practiced in balance, the theory of isolation may not be as dangerous. However, if the sole intention is in fact to recreate a vision and/or oneself )because after all it’s about clarity, stability and being self-sufficient) the end result is sovereignty, yes?

I’ve come to the conclusion (recently) that strong, solid support systems are hard to come by. It further dawned on me that the journey of life is a lot like the game of chess and here’s my genius ass theory: the chess board is my life. The two players are my conscious and subconscious minds. The sixteen pieces (the king, the queen, my two rooks, my two bishops, my two knights, and lastly my eight pawns) are a culmination of the people, levels and lessons of life that I’ve experienced, am experiencing or will experience.

The beauty of the game and the moral of the story: every game require(s) me to move differently.

Char “Thee Style Alchemist” Saint