Sex Sensei

Char Saint Thee Stylist

Sex is universal. It’s the language of our bodies just as love is the language of our hearts. And this fact is true despite national origin or regional location. My belief (since this is is that sex is solely a transference of energy. And since sex is energy, that would mean that foreplay is the charge. So if sex is energy and foreplay is the charge, then the connections we make weigh heavily upon the outlet(s) we choose. Whether you’re the outlet or the plug, what you serving has to be all the way (or at least closely) in line with the receiver and/or giver’s intention.  Countless times, we go into a sexual transfer assuming the end result will be the same – an orgasm, a nut (come) and/or both.   No one (seriously no one) starts sex to finish any other way than the aforementioned.

Not strange at all that a topic such as “sex” would come on a day such as “Hump Day” however, I don’t believe in coincidence nor chance, but I know all about perfect timing.

From the passionless pumps to optional orgasms, I’m currently wondering whether there’s a plug I’m willing to connect to.  I know if we all communicated to the other person precisely what our expectation(s) are before, during and after the cosmic charge, we’d all be better off.  I’m, also wondering if we’re at all capable of having such in-depth conversations or being transparent to a point where everyone would benefit….

The end result is to be fully satisfied, right?  I’d like to gracefully conclude this thought and/or entry by asking if you (yes, you reading this right now) do exactly what your spouse, significant other, lover, friend sexually expected this morning before you parted ways? If you had the pleasure of waking up next to anyone this a.m. then there’s no reason why he or she left for the day without a sexual cosmic charge! You’re basically useless is my thought.  Whether a quickie, a session, a moment or an experience, you should be willing and able.

The sex sensei,

Char “Thee Style Alchemist” Saint