Red Alert 🚨 Crimson Appeal

Char Saint Thee Stylist

I’ll just start with the crocodile embossed pattern detail. It’s amazingly soft and supple and oddly enough, every touch did something to me. Now let me go straight to the easy access front flap with the magnetic snap. Like seriously? Imagine a memorable night where lots of alcohol may be involved. You’re going in and out of your bag for your iPhone for selfies and lipstick to paint the pout, that magnetic snap is now my bff cause while staying fly and fab it’s imperative to have accessories that are easily accessible. Literally a win every time!

All jokes aside though… She’s literally thee perfect “it” bag. Maybe it’s a bit redundant to say “thee” and “it” all while referring to the same bag, but can you really blame me?!? Wtf! Look at her. She can turn even the simplest look into a full-on style affair and I get  mine, I think I’ll name her Crimson Kelly.

On another SAINT Style Intel note, crimson red is a dope color and let’s be real it can’t be just for this season especially not with thee $2300 American pesos price tag attached. I’m forewarning all of my awesome stylistic saints and sinners that mine will for sure be an EVERY MF’in SEASON bag. Okurrrrrr (in my CardiB voice)!!!!

Xoxo, my stylistic saint & sinners!

The luxuriantly stylish,

Char “Thee Style Alchemist” Saint

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