Femme Fatale

Char Saint Thee Stylist

I’m an adamant believer that particular staple pieces in any person’s wardrobe can ultimately serve as building blocks for a winning wardrobe. Have you ever gotten dressed with such ease and effortlessness and yet somehow receive ample recognition and compliment? That’s because unbeknownst to most, authentic style is both effortless and timeless.

Truthfully, every time I get dressed I want and expect it to be a slay in every way but, I also don’t want to spend hours creating a look. I mean sure, if that’s what it takes, then okay, but, most times we all forget that simplicity is both best and key.

Relax the rules a little and be guided by your energy to best represent yourself to the world. And besides, it’s one life in this body, right? Wouldn’t you want it to be the best presentation possible?

It’s vital to serve up the best version of yourself. Every single time.  Besides, we seldom control how we’re perceived but, yet every time and without fail we can certainly control how we’re presented.  If my awesome words aren’t enough, then take the words of wisdom from the wise Christian Dior, “Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the fundamentals to good dressing.” And while I can’t be all up in your business about the grooming aspect of your life, clean water and soap never hurt anyone.

Xoxo, my stylistic saint & sinners!

The luxuriantly stylish,

Char “Thee Style Alchemist” Saint

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